Importance of managing social media

Social media is an integral part of digital marketing. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a business in this digital age that doesn’t have an account on at least one of the many social media platforms out there. But that’s not enough. It’s easy to set up an online account for your company, after all. But is that social media account being appropriately managed? Social media is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly, so it is essential for companies to understand the importance of managing social media.

We live in a world where a big chunk of the population uses social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. are all visited daily by its many users. It, therefore, follows that the companies capitalize on this massive opportunity of marketing their products and services to such a big audience in one place. Below we list a few reasons why you need to manage your company’s social media accounts.

  • Connecting with your customers

    Social media is the easiest way to connect with your existing as well as potential customers. It is not uncommon for customers to take to social media to inquire about your products or share their opinion. A lax social media account sends out a message that you do not value your customers, which can turn away a potential customer. But by being active and monitoring regularly, you can address your customer’s grievances as well as questions. You can get in touch with them by responding to their comments and messages, and keeping them informed about your services with your posts. Bonding with your customers positively and keeping them engaged helps lay down a strong foundation for customer-brand relationships and reinforce a positive image.

  • Improving sales

    As we just said, potential customers often take to social media to inquire about services. Your company’s prompt and professional response can sometimes result in turning that potential customer into a buyer. Social media, therefore, are a great way of improving the sales of your brand. Sometimes it can be through responding to customer’s questions, sometimes it can be through various offers and discounts, and sometimes it can be simply through the informed posts, articles, and papers you share on your account. An active social media account is bound to attract potential customers, and it gives you a way to improve sales.

  • Generating leads

    With proper management, your company’s social media can be used to generate leads. For that, you require engaging content that is worthy of your customer’s time. If they find your content helpful and informative, make sure they have a way to get to you. So ensure there are call-to-action buttons on your social media accounts, along with the relevant links on the posts. Contests and events are another great way of creating leads. Each social media platform offers different ways of generating leads. It’s not just a place to dump content and pitch your product.

  • h3>Building brand awareness

    While the websites are known to be the virtual office of businesses, it is only perused by people who are aware of your brand, and Google search can only do so much. So it is important to build brand awareness using other means, and social media is an excellent way to achieve that. By creating your online presence on social media, the likelihood of potential customers coming across your business increases manifold. It can be through your posts, ads, somebody’s comment, or feedback. It is a perfect place for people to find new products and services. The more your content is liked and shared, the more exposure your brand achieves. If they know your brand and associate with it positively, you succeed in establishing an excellent brand reputation.

  • Getting to know your audience

    Social media allows a brand to get to know their customers. With analytics tools and monitoring customer interaction, you can analyze the kind of content your customers like and associate with the most, and what they might find lacking. It can subsequently improve your marketing strategies by incorporating the necessary changes. When you understand your consumer base, you are in a better position to provide them with the best social media experience. 

  • Managing your social media is necessary if you hope to garner profits through that medium. But it can take up a lot of time and effort and requires a strategy. So it is best to hire a social media manager or a team to handle your accounts, whether in-house or through offshoring.