Managed Offshore Staffing

With Canbay you get true value for your money, transparency and flexibility that you’d only get from a true long term partner. Our industry experience and dedicated team ensure that we hire employees who are in line with your company culture and have the skills that you need them to have. Our team works with you to create the job description, shortlist candidates and schedule interviews. Upon selection, the HR team on boards your employees and our admin team takes care of everything to make the engagement successful.

We become your offshore partners

Canbay offers a high level of commitment, hard work, security, and passion that you would expect from a partner. Our success is directly dependent on yours, we ensure that our overseas partners succeed and we grow together. Whether you are looking for technical resources or need data entry professionals, we are there for you. We are your local specialists who understand the local laws and have experience in hiring and scaling teams.

Managed Offshore

There are a few traditional models of offshoring, but here at Canbay we provide a unique solution called ‘Managed operations’ or “Offshore Insourcing”

Managed operations involves setting up an overseas team of your company and getting Canbay to handle all office facilities, labor compliance , staff recruitment and HR, while you retain as much control of the employee productivity.

We take care of everything on the ground, enabling you to focus purely on the business processes you want to run. We make scaling your offshore teams a breeze for you.

Unlike other models of offshoring, what you get is a full time dedicated team, and have full control over their KPI’s , work allocation and quality. Your remote employees work as your in house employees

Key Advantages of Canbay Managed Offshore Operation

With Canbay, you are not really outsourcing. You are hiring a full time remote dedicated employee over whom you have the same level of control as an in-house employee. You save on costs without compromising on either quality or control of work

Our office serves as your own offshore branch office in India which you can use/ visit any time. Our state-of-the-art communication technology (video conferencing, Skype, instant messenger, telephone with the local number of your country and webcams) means you and your remote employee are always connected.

The key differentiator is that you decide who works for you. Review screened resumes, interview as many candidates as you wish and handpick the perfect employee for your work.


Hire your offshore team !