Common remote jobs

Are you looking for a remote job? Don’t worry. Remote jobs are far more popular than you’d think. Research has shown that remote work increases employee productivity. Also, employees are far more likely to work for a company that offers remote work because of its flexibility, sometimes even at the expense of a higher salary. Maybe a decade ago, it would have been difficult to find jobs, or companies, where working remotely is possible. But with continuous technological advancement and changing global scenarios, remote jobs have gained traction. Employees, as well as employers, understand the benefits they stand to gain from remote work.

Not all jobs are possible to work remotely, though. Certain jobs require the physical presence of a person in the office. Yet, you’ll be able to find remote jobs in almost all fields and industries. If you have the right infrastructure to work from home so that your work doesn’t suffer, you can set up an office for yourself anywhere. In this post, we share with you a list of 7 common remote jobs from multiple industries you can pursue.

1. Graphic design

Digital marketing holds a very important place in today’s market. The tough competition forces companies to constantly come up with new and better marketing campaigns to sell their products. An essential aspect of digital marketing is graphic design. A graphic designer should possess the skills to convey a brand’s message using text and images efficiently. Whether it is social media, brochures, magazines, websites, logos, mobile apps, etc., a graphic designer is always involved. A graphic designer gets the job done using various design tools, which allows them to work remotely. If you have the necessary skills for a graphic designer, you can find companies that offer project-based or full-time remote work to graphic designers.

2. Administrative assistant

That is right; you no longer need to be working from an office to be an assistant. You can do it remotely now. We all have heard of virtual assistants; that’s your administrative assistant working virtually for their clients. Virtual assistants work with entrepreneurs or businesses to handle their day to day tasks. They are delegated administrative tasks such as email management, scheduling meetings, client’s follow-up, transcription, preparing reports or presentation, research, etc. It offers you the liberty of choosing your own hours as well. Virtual assistants are in great demand, making it one of the popular remote jobs.

3. Developer

The IT industry is always looking for developers. In the world we live in, people are heavily dependent on technology and computers, which makes the role of developers an important one. Software developers are responsible for writing the codes using programming languages and developing the product. Whether it is a software developer, web developer, or mobile app developer, their skills are highly sought after by IT companies. Companies are ready to offer remote work to developers if they possess the right skills and experience. Developers can be required to work in teams, thereby needing you to collaborate. So, you need to have good communication skills.

4. Accountant

An accountant manages the finances of its clients, which can be individuals or companies. They are responsible for analyzing a company’s finances, preparing financial reports, preparing and filing taxes, and ensuring their client is complying with all the state and federal laws. They hold an important role in the accounting and finance department. As they work with papers and documents that are now digitized by every company, an accountant has the liberty to operate outside the offices. They are able to work remotely with efficiency. There are companies, including accounting firms, which offer the flexibility of working remotely to their accountants.

5. Content writer

If you have excellent writing skills and are able to engage the audience with your words, you can find yourself a remote job as a content writer. Content writers are part of the digital marketing department in companies. They are responsible for creating captivating written content for websites, blogs, and social media. It doesn’t necessarily require you to have particular qualifications. You simply need to have excellent command over the English language and understand how the SEO works. You can work for companies as a part-time or full-time content writer.

6. Online teacher

If you are not interested in teaching at schools, it is not an issue. You can still make use of your teaching skills and qualifications. Online education has been gaining traction for the past few years. There are many online teaching platforms helping kids across the world to learn from their home. Just like a regular teacher, online teachers are expected to prepare an outline for their classes and tutor students using videos. The lessons can be pre-recorded or live, depending on the platform. If you enjoy teaching, you can do it remotely with various companies and universities.

7. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper ensures that all the financial transactions of a company are recorded regularly and accurately. They are required to log every penny that comes in and every penny that is spent to keep track of the company’s finances. Without it, a company cannot track the cash flow and may end up suffering. If you can prepare financial reports and perform audits, you can work remotely for companies as a bookkeeper.

These are a few common remote jobs that you can work. You can look up these jobs, along with many others, on websites that specialize in remote job postings.