Offshoring is not Outsourcing

Hire your own team, let your offshore partner Canbay handle the remote operations

We help you hire and manage your  offshore staff..

In a nutshell, consider having a partner who is responsible for hiring the team, managing the HR activities and helping you with the day to day issues at your offshore location. This is precisely what we do for you. You need not worry about incorporating in a different country, recruiting, handling local labor laws or any other hassle.

Just hire your offshore team and manage their work.

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How does the process work?

We have years of onsite and offshore staffing experience in multiple industries across various skill sets. We hire a dedicated team for you offshore that works full time for you. You control their work and integrate them with your local teams to grow your business.

# 1: Requirement

We discuss your key objectives, work with you to nail down the type of person you need and what specific infrastructure is required to achieve your goals.

# 2: Recruitment

We shortlist the candidates and setup interviews with your team. The selected candidates are hired by Canbay. Typically they are ready to start within 4 to 6 weeks of making the offer

# 3: Team Management

Your team is now ready to work. Together we ensure that whatever your team needs to succeed, is provided to them. You manage the work, we manage the local matters.