Offering Customized Offshore staffing solutions

Select the Right Professional

Recruit highly qualified, experienced and the right professional that fits the requirements of your job

Exercise Complete Control

The hired staff reports and works directly under your control to keep you updated about daily progress

Flexible Options for Hiring

Flexible options that fit your hiring needs; permanent, full-time, temporary, or part-time as per your requirements

High-Quality Guaranteed

As the staff works directly under your supervision, no outsourcing is involved and high-quality guaranteed!

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Providing Guarantee of Information Security and High-Quality Management

Proud of Our ISO Certified Information Security and Management Systems

Canbay International is an ISO certified accounting recruitment firm for information security and quality management. This gives you a surety that we maintain the highest standards of information security and quality management at our facilities.

We have stringent policies and defined framework integrated into our company’s culture and practices. This enables us to identify any vulnerability and efficiently manage any risks of security and information. We ensure that to fulfill our contractual as well as legal obligations, optimally.

Safeguarding Your Information and Data Confidentiality

At Canbay International, we consider our employees, our systems, and ourselves fully responsible for safeguarding your data and information confidentiality. To ensure this, we have secure systems in place, and every staff member signs an agreement of non-disclosure that place them in the moral and legal binding of safeguarding the company’s data confidentiality. Additionally, our every client signs an agreement of confidentiality protection through which we commit to maintaining the security of data as a legal binding. This ensures twofold security and confidentiality of data and information.

Outstanding Track Record of Security

At Canbay International, we have an outstanding track record of no security breaches since we have been working with our valuable clients. However, our security experts keep pace with the evolving security systems and upgrade the existing systems to ensure optimum protection at every level.

Why Are We Different?

Ranked on the IOAP List

Our company has been on IOAP’s list of 100 top global outsourcing companies five times. This makes us one of the well-reputed and known companies in the industry.

ISO Security Certification

We are ISO certified security management firm who holds ISO 9001-20018

High Client Retention Rate

As we deliver high-quality work with complete confidentiality and information security, we enjoy a high client retention rate. We always strive to develop strong working relationships with all our clients at all levels and grow it over time through the delivery of excellence in our services and security.

More Than 50% Savings on Labor and Overhead Costs

Working with Canbay International means that you do not need extra space or hire extra full-time staff for your company. This means savings on the labor and other overhead costs. If you calculate all these savings, it makes a significant amount, which you can spend on growing your business.

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