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In order to deliver excellence in work and get you the right talent, Canbay maintains offices in India that are strategically located to ensure that we are able to access the best resource pool. The offices are located in the National Capital Region with an easy access to local travel hubs and the international airport. The facilities include private office spaces, open spaces, conference rooms etc. and provide and ideal setup that can be scaled based on your needs. Being in the technology park area, we have dedicated 100% power backup, and a 24/7 secured access. We use redundant high speed internet connections to maintain connectivity at all times.


Office Space

  • Located in National Capital Region
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Private Offices, Open space, Conference room
  • Fully equipped with the latest equipment
  • A friendly, welcoming and refreshing environment
  • Locations are open & commutable 24/7


  • Latest computer systems with Windows OS
  • High-quality web cameras and microphones for seamless communications
  • Dedicated Web-phones with US / UK direct dial numbers
  • High speed 24/7 online connectivity

Data Security

  • Secured workstations with no access to printing or USB ports
  • Restricted email access as per your needs
  • Implement VPN or remote login to your local office as required. Secured servers
  • Monitored and recorded activity on workstations
  • Phone call recording available

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