Harness the benefits of offshore hiring to accomplish business success

Outsource Vs Offshore: Know the Difference

Like many others, you might have confusion regarding outsourcing and offshoring. Many people even use these words interchangeably, thinking that it’s the same thing when actually it is not.
Outsourcing means that you get your work done from the third party or subcontract your work to the third party, which may be located in the same city, state, or different city, state, or in a different country. Outsourcing your company’s tasks helps you to cut down your costs, time, space, and other resources.
Offshoring means that you outsource your work to the establishment who works as an extension of your own company but operates in some other country. The company has the infrastructure and systems that are required to run your type of business operations smoothly and efficiently. The offshore company specializes in your specific business, which makes it easier to communicate and handle the tasks.

Why Prefer Offshoring Over Outsourcing?

Offshoring gives you access to the specialized talent pool with lower costs of labor and operations and easy taxation. Canbay International is a specialist offshore accounting hiring firm that offers exclusive talent-hiring services for the accounting and taxation firms with the benefits of an offshore company. We ensure that you get quick and easy access to the top accounting talent with lower overhead costs to help your business thrive.

Reasons to Choose Offshore Hiring Over Outsourcing

Free Up Your Time, Space and Resources

The offshore hired staff helps to free your time, space, and resources so that you can focus on other aspects of your business efficiently.

Take the Burden and Stress of Hiring Off Your Shoulders

When you take the services of the offshore hiring company, you don't need to take the stress and burden of hiring. Canbay International is your offshore accounting staff hiring partner who takes care of all the hassle of finding and hiring the right talent for your company. We deal with all the employee-related issues while you focus on growing your business.

Get Access to the Most Talented Pool of Professionals

You may not have enough resources to get access to the most talented pool of accounting and tax professionals in your country. But with Canbay International offshore hiring services, you can get easy and cost-effective access to the skill sets, qualifications, and experience that you need to develop your business and achieve goals.

You Are the Boss despite the Distance

Unlike outsourcing, with offshoring, you are the boss despite the distance. You exercise complete control over the staff and operations of your business at the offshore facility through the use of technology. You can assign tasks or make changes according to your business plan anytime. Your hired offshore staff works following your commands and meets your requisites.

Get High-Quality Services at a Fraction of the Price

At Canbay International, we have a stringent process of screening the candidates and selecting them for our accounting talent pool. We only choose talented, skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced talent who is passionate about delivering high-quality work. We keep a constant check on their performance to ensure the highest quality of work delivery. While we take care of your fiscal worries related to hunting, training, and hiring the talent, you get to save plenty for your other business endeavors.

Get in touch with Canbay International for instant offshore accounting staff hiring and experience the difference yourself!