Hiring IT employees offshore: Why and how?

Hiring offshore developers is a trend more, and more companies have been gravitating towards over the years. When companies hire IT employees offshore, they get to hire experienced and skilled professionals from countries where the cost of living is less, thus cutting down on expenses effectively. Whether it be simple maintenance of your IT infrastructure or development of products and applications, different offshoring companies provide various services that can help out your IT Company.

Using offshore staffing, a company can retain full control over its employees and the development process. The team of IT employees works for you; only instead of doing it from your offices, they are working from an offshore location. It can be highly beneficial for all companies, but more so for startups looking for quality but at an affordable price. Below we list three important advantages that companies enjoy when hiring IT employees offshore.

Reduced Time To Market

It is one of the most crucial factors for success when it comes to product development. As promising as it may be, your product will not be making you any profits if it’s not out in the market to your consumers. As a startup or a small company, you usually don’t have enough resources to handle both the development as well as the strategic aspects of marketing the product in-house. By hiring offshore developers, your company gets to focus on the innovation of the products and the development strategies. On the other hand, the offshore employees working for you will handle the development of the product. Furthermore, as the two teams usually operate in different time zones, it ensures that your product is being worked on around the clock, which gets it faster to the market.


Hiring IT employees and developers locally in the USA can be costly. The job requires qualified and technically skilled professionals, and such talent usually demands high wages. To avoid emptying their pockets just on hiring, startups can benefit by hiring IT employees offshore as they charge less for the same job. Along with the lower wages, a startup saves by not spending on the overheads like electricity, office space, payroll, recruitment, and even the expensive IT infrastructure. They are usually all provided by the offshoring vendors which the company partners up with.

Hire talented employees

With offshoring, companies get access to a wide range of talent. Whether it be developers, engineers, analysts, or technicians, you get to select and hire some of the best candidates for the job. A country like India is booming with IT talent, and you will find no dearth of experienced and qualified professionals to work for your companies here. A startup needs the best to work for them to compete with big companies in the market. The competition is extreme, and having sharp minds on your IT team, even if it’s for maintenance, can make a huge difference.
While the advantages are undeniable, hiring offshore IT employees can be tricky and challenging. Consider the following three points on how to hire offshore developers before you set out to incorporate offshore staffing.

Assess your business needs

Before approaching an offshore provider, ensure that you have your priorities sorted. Carefully analyze your company and identify the areas that are best suited for offshoring and the technology that will be needed to build your product. Every company’s requirements are different, and its best to head into talks with vendors with a clear picture in mind about what you want. This way, you can assess which one is up for the job and which ones are lacking.

Hire a reliable vendor

When selecting offshoring providers, review their credibility. Running background checks and cross checking references allows you to ensure that they are dependable and can provide quality services. A right vendor can be the difference between a good and bad offshoring experience for your company. So tread lightly. It might be tempting to go for a vendor with a lower quote, but it can affect the quality of the product they deliver, and quality matters greatly.

Hire developers who understand your needs

Offshoring vendors offer you a vetted pool of candidates to choose from, but you interview and hire them. When building your offshore team, make sure the developers are willing to share the codes, follow your instructions and open to collaborating, have sufficient experience or previously worked on similar products, and are team players.
Hiring IT employees offshore can seem daunting to startups, but done correctly, it can yield numerous benefits and launch the company towards success.