5 reasons you need to invest in graphic design

When we talk about digital marketing, we talk about content marketing, social media management, emails, ads, web design, and whatnot. What is the one thing common in them all? Graphic design. Yes, that’s right. Digital marketing is impossible without graphic design. Well, maybe it’s possible, but it’s surely ineffective. Before stating the reasons why you need to invest in graphic design, let’s take a quick look as to what graphic design is.

Simply put, graphic design is the art of putting together text and image in a way that communicates the desired message. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not. Even though there are several tools and software available in the market today that can help you, it takes skills and creativity to put across the message you want to through graphics aptly. A deep understanding of colors, images, shapes, and current trends is required to make your graphics visually appealing. Graphic designs need to be creative, beautiful, and, most importantly, should communicate effectively. You need a professional to achieve these results. Yet, not everyone thinks it worth investing their time and money and hiring a good graphic designer for their company. You might not see it, but your company is lacking a significant component of marketing. If you own a business, any business, you need graphic design. Below we tell you why.

  1. Elevates the first impression

    Any potential customer who looks up your company online will either be accessing you through your social media or more possibly through your website. You need to represent professionalism, give out an air of credibility and trust. You do that by putting up a website that is user friendly and responsive obviously, but also visually appealing. A website will be more engaging to a customer if the written content is interspersed with relevant graphics- a good banner, attractive thumbnails, catchy ads, images with text, etc. It catches more attention and is likely to keep the customer interested in your products and websites for longer. A good site lends credibility to your name, and having a web designer collaborate with a graphic designer is essential for excellent results. So, leaving a lasting first impression is vital if you want the customers to come back.

  2. Boosts sales

    Creatively done graphics for your ads and social media, even brochures and pamphlets, gets immediate attention. Customers take notice of content that stands out, and a well done graphic design has the power to persuade potential customers into looking at your products and services and possibly buying. So graphic design does indeed help in generating leads and conversion. They tend to trust brands who put in efforts in their campaign and present content that speaks to them. It’s just not some fancy visual gimmick. 

  3. An effective form of communication

    Written content is good; it is a suitable format when you need to go into details while providing information to your customers. But at the same time, it tends to be tedious. A customer would likely skim through text posts and blogs, if not completely dismiss it. On the other hand, graphics attracts attention. People are known to prefer infographics over written posts as a source of information. A graphic can communicate the same message a text post might, but only in a more precise, colorful, and fun manner. It takes less time on the part of a customer to consume that information. In other words, it is efficient. So they are an effective way of communicating with your customers and getting across the desired message and information.

  4. A powerful tool for social media

    Having a business account on various social media platforms in today’s digital world is a proven marketing strategy. But your account needs great content regularly to keep the customers entertained. This is where graphic design can make a difference. Almost certainly, your competition has a social media presence as well. So you need to stand out and grab your customer’s attention. A consistent flow of good graphic designs, alone or along with written material, gets noticed more. People prefer enjoyable ways to consume content, and with a creative graphic designer, you can nail down the message and gain more followers. They are also more likely to share your posts when they like it themselves. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, they all are platforms where you can effectively utilize graphic design for your benefit. Stand out and get noticed.

  5. Convey a brand image

    One of the first things you do when you set up a business is to create a company logo and print out those business cards. Your logo, your cards, is your identity. It is what people are going to associate you with forever, so you need to get it right. Design matters immensely. Once you establish your logo, you also build a tone around your business. This tone is carried in all the marketing strategies, and graphic design can help you convey this tone and establish your brand image. A professional designer will ensure that every design related to your business is consistent, and this can be picked up on by customers and appreciated. They’ll recognize your brand through your style, whether it be brochures, ads, banners, or emails. So, establish your identity using graphic design. 

Graphic design, if utilized skillfully, can be a powerful component in your marketing strategy. Companies are realizing their potential and need in this highly competitive world. You need new ways to stay ahead of the competition, and it all comes down to connecting with the customers. If you are not able to communicate well with them, you are losing. Customers’ interests and demands mostly propel marketing strategy, and visually appealing creative content is always a hit with them. So, hiring an accomplished professional graphic designer for your marketing team is an investment you need to make.