When technology is the backbone of every business and industry, having a capable IT staff becomes essential for companies. Yet hiring experienced IT individuals with the necessary technical skills can be very costly and hard to find. But if you are looking to form your IT team, we have got your back.

Outsourcing technology services to our company in India, one of the most popular offshore staffing destinations for the IT industry, can save your company time and money. We provide you reliable technological solutions as you focus on growing your business. Hire dedicated professional IT specialists with Canbay having technical expertise and experience in various IT roles. They are provided with state-of-the-art office facilities, the latest IT infrastructure, and other utilities for optimum performance. They work for you exclusively to monitor, manage, design, and develop technology for your company. Whether it is a few IT members or a full IT staff you require, we have you covered.

Canbay International understands your needs and builds innovative and agile technology solutions to meet your objectives and grant you a competitive edge in this market of increasingly complex technology.

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Services Offered

Software Development

Our expert developers design innovative and robust software systems and applications across all platforms and devices for various industries. The developers and QA analysts work together to develop, test, fix, and maintain the software to ensure proper working and enhance your current applications. They are well familiar with Python, VB.NET, Java, PHP, Flex programming, and more.

Database Administration

The team is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the business database of the company. Hire dedicated database programmers fully oriented with database management software such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PgSQL, SQL, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, IBM, and MySQL for data storage and recovery, data integrity, and data security. They ensure your company’s high database performance.

IT Technical Support

Hire our technical specialists and engineers to build and maintain the company’s data communication system. They are experts in software installation, trouble-shooting routers, desktop support through remote access, cloud configurations, hardware assembly, design processes, and more. They ensure the technology for your company and clients is operating smoothly, and provide solutions as needed.

Information Security

These specialists actively monitor your systems for any cyber threats or breach of security online. They implement the necessary upgrades for security controls and ensure data confidentiality of your company is maintained.

Web Development

Hire our front-end HTML/CSS developers and back-end developers for your company’s web development. The two teams work together to code and design browser compatible web pages that are functional and interactive for all devices and maintain them.

Mobile App Development

Hire our exceptional app developers for mobiles for all stages of development. Designers and developers work closely to build an app as per your needs that is well tested and bug-free before being launched. They pay attention to the visual aspects along with the functional aspects to make it appealing and user friendly.