Build your offshore digital marketing team in India

In a world that revolves around technology, setting up an online presence for your brand becomes essential. Digital Marketing is the need of the hour for businesses. Outsource your Digital Marketing roles to India with Canbay International today, and get access to a range of marketing services for your company.

Offshoring is a cost-effective solution compared to hiring locally and building an in-house team. Hire our marketing professionals to get excellent quality services at a reduced price. They collaborate meticulously with the in-house team to adhere to your marketing goals and guidelines. Devise a comprehensive digital marketing strategy using your offshore team for better conversions and higher ROI.

Canbay International has experts for various roles, including content writing, SEO, social media management, image and video editing, and more to cover all your digital marketing needs. As your business grows, add to your team to meet your objectives. Build your online reputation by hiring our experienced professionals for your marketing team, and give yourself a competitive edge in the market.

Digital Marketing Areas

Content Marketing

The content team produces and monitors all the content that is published for your company across various platforms online, ranging from blogs, articles, webpages, social media, etc. The team is responsible for creating engaging and informative content to promote your brand and help build a positive image. It includes:

  • Writer/Editor
  • Photo/Video editor
  • Graphic designer
  • Proofreader

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps to improve your search engine rankings and boost traffic on your websites, resulting in improved ROI. Our SEO experts utilize proper tools and techniques to monitor all content for keywords to get desired customers at a minimal cost. They track relevant search engine algorithms for optimum performance. They perform:

  • Website analysis
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis

Social Media Marketing

It is the perfect place to build a relationship with your customers. Our team professionals use written content, graphics, and videos across various social media platforms to engage customers and create brand awareness. Customers interact through comments, providing necessary feedback for the company, which is well monitored by the team. It is a cost-effective way to boost sales.

Email Marketing

An effective way to communicate with your customers, email marketing is used to keep your customers updated and informed about your brand. Targeting email marketing is used by our team to grow your customer base and boost ROI. Our professionals create personalized and engaging graphics for emails that are designed for all devices, including mobile phones, from invites to discounts to newsletters.

Pay-per-click Management

Hire our experts to plan a proper PPC ad campaign for your company with well-researched keywords that are relevant to your business and are more likely to generate higher ROI from the PPC spending. We help you grow traffic on your website through strategic PPC advertising. We further monitor the data generated from the ads to change and improve the campaign for optimum results.

Analytics Experts

Our Google analytics experts efficiently use analysis tools to monitor user activity and help increase traffic. They set up accounts and install codes on online platforms to generate varied data that helps you to identify your strong as well as weak areas, and change your marketing tactics accordingly to improve conversions and reap in maximum profits. Hire our professionals to ensure your digital marketing budget is being spent in the right places.