Increase the efficiency of your legal firm by outsourcing legal processes to India. India has seen growing support for the industry over the last few years in terms of education and infrastructure. It produces a vast number of law graduates and attorneys each year. Canbay International has a cost-effective vetted pool of diverse candidates that are well qualified and experienced.

Hire our dedicated legal professionals to increase your firm’s productivity with their expertise. We provide professionals for a range of roles and functions to cover your company’s demands. They fulfill their responsibilities in compliance with the word of the law, following the required rules and regulations. Outsourcing LPO with Canbay, you get access to the comprehensive knowledge of our trained individuals with the latest software and tools needed at their disposal. Partner up with us for high-quality legal services to boost your company growth.

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Services Offered

Patent Attorney

Get experts in your hire for this complex process requiring time and focus. Our professionals provide assistance through the whole process, from patent research to patent filing. Your creation is monitored and managed carefully and well protected.

Paralegal Specialist

Get help from our paralegal specialists to carry out all the legal documentation and paperwork. Hire their expertise to perform legal researches, preparing agreements and contracts, reviewing depositions, answering interrogations, and more.

Legal Analysis

Legal analysts perform research and analysis for a variety of industries. Our professionals assemble documents and maintain databases to track legal files, and have a keen eye for deciphering laws and rulings to help the legal team.

Transcription Specialist

Our transcription specialist helps you streamline your work by saving time. They are qualified to transcribe legal proceedings in any format into written documents with the proper format for easy perusal. You get all the necessary information without spending extra effort and time.

Legal Document Management

Our specialists carefully read and review your legal documents to be sorted, which are then stored and backed up. They code them appropriately for your easy and quick access when needed. Hire legal document management service to save your time.

Legal Researchers

Our specialists are experts in thoroughly conducting research for discovering primary sources in cases, and other sources to find out the required information for your better understanding. They further prepare the legal documents letting you focus on your work.