Offering Highest Standards of Security for Information, Data, Processes, People and Practices

The security holds crucial importance in developing the credibility of any organization. At Canbay International, we have understood this fact and have developed stringent and maximum security levels to safeguard your information and ensure confidentiality.

Our highly qualified, trained, and experienced people are committed to keeping the privacy and confidentiality of your business information and data. We govern our processes with stringent data security policies and hold ISO standardization certification for data security. At our infrastructure, we have maintained maximum security levels to ensure smooth processes and workflow while handling even a small piece of your information. We are proud of our security measures as we never experienced any security breaches to date. Other Reasons for Choosing Us as Your Staffing Partner

Our People
  • Dedicated and highly professional IT teams for monitoring
  • Committed and responsible staff
  • The employee having in-depth US accounting knowledge base
  • Experience of operating all popular accounting software
Our Data Management Operations
  • Security compliant ISO 27001:2013 and 9001:2013 quality management standard certified facilities in India
  • Restricted internet access with active firewalls
  • Continuous web monitoring
  • Data access by authorized staff only
Our Process
  • Employee hiring after strict background checking only
  • Robust policies and practices for safeguarding client’s data
  • Non-disclosure agreement at the commencement of employment
  • Paperless documentation

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Security Practices That We Follow

As an accounting staffing organization having ISO certification for data security and management, we offer highly-effective and optimal security levels. We follow advanced security practices with the latest security measures in place to assure complete security and integrity of your information and data.
We have placed 24/7 surveillance of our staff through CCTV with controlled access to the internet, social media platforms, multi-layer authentication, secure SSL encryption, restrictions based on key-card access, restriction on the use of pen, paper or printer in the area of operations, controlled server access, and monitored messaging and mail exchanges. All these security practices ensure that no one outside the facility can access your private information, and your data remains secure with us.

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