Customer Care Offshoring Myths Debunked

Customers are always the priority for any business. Their preferences and likes govern the market. It is the reason customer care is an integral part of companies. If your company offers products and services, you need customer care services as well. Even with all the technology available today that allows us to connect online, phone calls are still the go-to for a large percentage of people when they encounter trouble with products.

Customer care offshoring is a widely accepted practice by businesses for the many benefits it offers. Companies can focus on their core-competencies without compromising customer experience. It is cost-effective and productive. Yet, some companies are hesitant to hire offshore customer care teams and outsource them the service. The many misconceptions around the notion of outsourcing customer care to offshore locations paint a false picture of it. In this post, we attempt to dismiss some misconceptions. Here are 4 customer care outsourcing myths debunked.

1. The quality diminishes when you outsource

A lot of the time, the lower pricing offered by outsourcing is seen as a reflection on the quality provided. Some companies feel that the quality of service they will be able to provide their customers by hiring an in-house staff will be better than that provided by offshore staff. This is not true. Offshore employees are qualified, trained, and experienced in the field that allows them to provide high-quality services. The competent offshore service providers only offer you vetted and talented individuals to hire. They possess excellent communication skills and a patient disposition to cater to your customers. If outsourcing couldn’t provide quality results, it wouldn’t be such a common practice among businesses. You can be assured of getting high-quality services provided you partner with a reliable vendor.

2. Language barrier 

We understand why you may believe in this myth. When you outsource to a country overseas, you’d think that language would be an issue. While the eastern countries do have different native languages, they still have English speaking individuals. In fact, in the top offshoring destinations like India, a large number of people fluently speak the English language. A lot of the best schools and institutions in the country are English-medium. It is the reason it is so popular for offshoring. The customer care employees are specially selected for their command over the language. When you hire a customer care team in India, language is not a hindrance. You’ll be able to hire employees for your company who can speak fluent English and can easily converse with people in western countries. They’ll be able to understand the customer’s troubles and guide them through the solution or succinctly answer their queries.

3. You lose control over services

Another common myth believed regarding outsourcing is that the company loses control over the outsourced services. Offshore staffing allows you to retain complete control over the outsourced services. You will not have to accept the outsourcing approach of the vendor. On the contrary, the hired customer care staff works according to your instructions. You guide them through the process you deem fit, and they work accordingly. You are allowed to monitor the calls for quality checks and assess their performance. Offshoring offers you full control over the outsourced service.

4. It is not for small businesses

Outsourcing is for big companies, right? Wrong. Customer support isn’t outsourced to offshore locations by big organizations only. Maybe a decade ago, but no more. With the availability of the internet and advanced technology today, even small and medium-sized enterprises can outsource customer care. In fact, small companies can leverage the cost-effectiveness of offshoring to bridge the gap between them and big companies and compete with them in the market. Even if a small business’s needs aren’t large, offshore staffing allows you to hire as many or as few employees as you want. So, if you need two or three customer care employees, it can be arranged easily. Offshore staffing vendors provide flexible staffing solutions as per your needs.

Hopefully, we were able to debunk these myths and set right the misconceptions for you. If you are looking to outsource customer care, don’t let these myths hold you back. Offshoring can offer you many benefits, and you shouldn’t lose out on them anymore.