5 IT Services That Can Be Outsourced

Outsourcing services to offshore locations isn’t uncommon in the business world, and IT services are some of the most outsourced functions. Even if you are not an IT company, you have to deal with IT infrastructure to run your business. So, if you are not outsourcing IT development projects, you are probably outsourcing system maintenance.

The reason IT services outsourcing is common is that functions involving IT can be costly. The hardware and software alone can be pretty expensive, which cannot be afforded by all small enterprises. By outsourcing, the operating costs are also reduced, which is a big bonus for any company. Additionally, IT roles require vast knowledge and expertise to ensure a high quality of services or products. Western countries have a shortage of such professionals and the ones that are available charge high wages for their services. Lack of talent and high costs makes running IT services in-house difficult for small companies. Hiring IT professionals from offshore destinations, like India, provides an efficient solution to both the problems, along with providing added advantages. If you are unsure which functions to outsource, we share a list of five IT services that can be outsourced.

1. Software Development

You can hire developers in offshore locations for all your software development needs. Offshoring service providers offer a range of software development services like development, design, programming, integration, testing, and consultation. The offshore developers collaborate with your in-house team on a regular basis to ensure the product is according to the expectations and up to the standards of your company. They are well qualified, experienced, and familiar with working with international companies.

2. Web Development

A website is an important tool for any company; it is the official source of information for your products or services and the place to convert your potential customers into customers. You need it to be professional and up to the current standards. Hiring offshore web developers is a cost-effective solution that offers quality products. Not only will they write the codes for the website, but they can provide a UX design. You can hire an offshore front end and back end developer for your website to balance aesthetics and functionality. By hiring a web developer, you ensure that your website is maintained and updated regularly to avoid performance issues.

3. Technical support

If your company develops technology-based products, you need a technical support team. Customer experience is one of the most crucial aspects of business, and providing them help with the products you make is essential. Setting up a technical support team in-house can cost you a lot, and delegating these tasks to current employees is a waste of resources. Hiring IT technicians for your technical support team is a viable solution. They possess the knowledge to guide your customers through their product troubles, and they have a good command over the English language to communicate effectively. By outsourcing technical support to offshore locations, your company provides 24 hours support to your customers and are able to focus on product innovation and development.

4. IT support

IT company or not, you are most likely running your business using computers and networking systems. That means you require IT support to manage your system and resolve issues that come up. A proactive approach is much preferred to break and fix services. Hire offshore IT technicians and engineers to manage your company’s IT infrastructure. They are IT experts who are familiar with various computer systems. They guide you with software and hardware installation and configuration, diagnosing system issues, and troubleshooting. IT support team ensures that your IT infrastructure operates with minimum glitches, thereby providing you improved IT performance.

5. System Security

One of the biggest threats to IT is security breaches. It’s not uncommon to come across news about some company’s systems being hacked and data being leaked or stolen. It is a major concern for all businesses. There is a need for serious investment in the protection of your company’s online data. By hiring offshore engineers and technicians, you can get access to top technology for safeguarding your system. Your offshore employees actively monitor your systems for any cyber threats, install security software in your systems to prevent any breaches, and keep them updated. It allows you to minimize security threats to your company’s sensitive data.

These are some of the typical IT services that are outsourced to offshore locations. Hire your offshore IT staff, enjoy offshoring benefits, and gain an edge over your competitors.