4 reasons India is your ideal LPO destination

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) has been benefiting law firms around the world for years now. Excessive work and shortage of skills have forced the business world to look for cost-effective solutions to their dilemma. Legal work can be extensive; it involves a multitude of jobs and tasks that can be difficult for limited in-house staff to accomplish on their own within the deadlines. Shipping off some work to countries on the other side of the world allows the legal firms to bring down the operating costs as well as focus on valuable work.

Offshoring allows the legal firms to hire remote employees to work for their firms without giving up control over the outsourced operations. Depending on the nature or volume of work, they can hire an entire team or just a couple of employees for their firm.

We have seen many countries in the east emerge as a global outsourcing destination in the past decade. While each destination has its own perks, India still remains one of the world’s top destinations for legal process outsourcing. If you are considering outsourcing legal services for your firm, you might want to take a look at the Indian market. We give you 4 reasons why India is your ideal destination to outsource legal services.

1. Cost-effective services:

A major concern for small law firms in western countries is the steep fees charged by lawyers for their services- the more experienced a lawyer, the higher their salary. In general, the labor cost is high in those countries, making hiring additional employees for even a simple task an expensive affair. This forces the firms with limited budgets to hire only the very essential employees. So, essentially you have attorneys working all the jobs like legal research, contract review and drafting, managing documents, preparing for trials, etc. It hampers the productivity of the attorney, eventually damaging the firm’s efficiency.

India, on the other hand, offers competent professionals at excellent prices. The cost of living in India is much lower when compared to countries like the US and UK. Therefore, the money charged by even the best lawyers would be a reasonable ask for a firm in the US. By offshoring to India, small law firms can hire lawyers at lower rates to perform legal services such as transcription, research, analysis, contract review, contract drafting, document management, paralegal, and more. Law firms are known to cut down their operating costs by a large amount by outsourcing to India.

2. Talented professionals:

Due to the nature of their job, law firms look for talented lawyers who understand the intricacies of the law. India has numerous institutions that produce a large number of law graduates every year. It already has more than a million advocates in the law profession. Service providers in India have a large pool of vetted professionals who are talented in the law field and are familiar with international law as well. It makes it easier for law firms to hire candidates suitable for them. Along with lawyers, India also offers expert professionals who can provide varied services in the legal profession. A lot of these candidates have the experience and the knowledge to take on any work that the firms have to outsource. They are diligent individuals who have good command over the English language. India is one of the top destinations for LPO because it offers quality services.

3. Excellent infrastructure:

For offshoring to be a success, one of the key factors is infrastructure. As your business is being conducted thousands of miles away on the other side of the world, your employees need to have high-quality facilities at their disposal to keep up with your company’s quality of services and to be able to communicate with you effectively. Offshoring service vendors are responsible for providing the employees they hire for you with office space, hardware and software, internet connection, and other related facilities. India boasts of high-quality infrastructure. Some of the top cities in the country are well-connected with transportation, have well-equipped offices with power backups, high-speed internet connection, and top IT infrastructure. India has access to all the latest technology that you may want your lawyers or other employees to possess. The state-of-the-art facilities ensure that your employees have the right working conditions and constant access to your firm to maintain the work-flow.

4. Faster turnaround time:

India’s location on the other side of the world results in a major time-zone difference. While it can be seen as an obstacle for offshoring, legal firms can work this to their advantage. Time zone difference ensures that your employees in India are working when your firm’s working hours finish. You can hand-off the work that is left unfinished to your employees in India, who will work on it and have it done by the time you return the next day to your work. You don’t have to wait for the research on that topic or that contract to be reviewed! Even though your firm is closed for the day, the work will be done and waiting for you the next day, and you can take it from there. The turnaround time on the cases is reduced, which improves your firm’s efficiency.

Offshoring legal services to India ensures you have access to quality legal professionals that cost less to your firm. This way, your firm can cut down operating costs, increase productivity, and offer quality services to your clients. If you are looking to outsource services for your legal firm, India is your ideal destination.